Aor melodic rock

Aor melodic rock

Acacia Avenue — Early Warning []. Aerodyne — Breaking Free []. Age of Reflection — In the Heat of the Night []. Agent — Agent []. Airrace — Back To The Start []. Airrace — Shaft of Light []. Al Denson — Be The One []. Alan Friedman — The Tst of Time []. Alan Gorrie — Sleepless Nights []. Alchemy — Dyadic []. Aldo Nova — Twitch []. Alias — Alias []. Alter Bridge — Fortress [].

Alter Bridge — The Last Hero []. Angry Anderson — Blood From Stone []. April Wine — Walking Through Fire []. ArcAngel — Arc Angel []. Atsushi Yokozeki Project — Raid []. Avalon — Avalon []. Axia — Axia []. Baby Animals — Shaved And Dangerous []. Bad English — Bad English []. Bad Sister — Heartbreaker []. Badlands — Badlands []. Bang Tango — Psycho Cafe [].

Bangalore Choir — Cadence []. Baton Rouge — Shake Your Soul []. Benny Mardones — American Dreams []. Benny Mardones — Benny Mardones []. Big Life — Big Life []. Billy Franks — Mass []. Billy Squier — Enough Is Enough [].Since reassembling their original five-piece line-up nearly ten years ago, Unruly Child have given us three top-notch slices of gently progressive AOR in the vein of their classic debut.

Now, in their 27th year, the band return with Big Blue World. There is a cynicism that comes with age and I simply struggle to get excited about most new releases. The Cats In Space story is one of perseverance, refusing to give up in the face of adversity and sticking with what you know.

For their third studio album, the guys are refusing to rest on their laurels and seem intent on pushing the envelope. Laurie Mansworth had already seen action with NWOBHM act More when in he decided on a more transatlantic musical approach for his next musical venture.

The release of the album was well received by press and fans alike, although the majority of the reviews did focus on teenage drummer Jason Bonham Foreigner, Black Country Communion for obvious reasons. Your fans want a nostalgia hit but they also want new releases. They might just be the one band on the scene that can manage to please nearly all of the people… nearly all of the time.

Every melodic rock fan with half a brain knows that there is no such thing as the perfect AOR album. Melodic hard rock has had its time. So, new releases from bands that have been plying their trade for thirty years more often fill me with a sense of sorrow than a sense of joy.

Not so with the latest Riverdogs album, California. This is a record that might just be too good for the classic rock fraternity to properly deserve. Tokyo Motor Fist is a melodic hard rock project fronted by the dream-team of vocalist Ted Poley and guitarist Steve Brown. I would normally be very wary of this sort of career vehicle but the blistering riff and infectious singalong chorus of the opening track are enough to make me think that this time, maybe - just maybe - I might be on to a bit of a winner.

Unruly Child released their debut in and, although not a commercial success at the time, it has since been held up as a melodic rock masterpiece. An inspired coupling of ex-World Trade members and vocalist Mark Free formerly of AOR legends SignalUnruly Child retained the loosely-held prog leanings of the former band but added the hit-worthy rock bombast of the latter.

None of this sounded geeky, meandering or noodly, it just sounded, - to me at least - like top class hard rock… from the future. Unsurprisingly then, it has come to be something of a sacred classic among fans of the genre, making it extremely risky business for FM to decide to release a full re-recorded version to celebrate its thirtieth birthday.

Sixteen years since their last studio album is an awfully long time but for Kansas, who can chart their history back to and released their debut album init just feels like a small part of the overall plan. I consider myself reasonably well-versed in the biggest of the big-hair hard rock acts but Treat are a band that have simply passed me by, in spite of their thirty-year pedigree as well-respected Swedish melodic rockers.

aor melodic rock

A career that has seen them constantly in the shadow of the success of Europe might go some way to explaining how it happened, but Ghost of Graceland makes me think I may have seriously missed out. Danger Danger. So it's no surprise that this looks, smells and tastes a lot like a Danger Danger album.

Recent shows in the US confirm that Danger Danger fronted by Ted Poley is still very much a going concern, hence the new moniker for this side project. My heart sinks at the prospect of yet another mechanical album-by-numbers. I yearn for just a bit of invention, a curveball, something a bit daring from the scene, but I already know that this will be AOR played dead straight. Back in the 90s, Trixter were very much the babies of the American hair metal scene. The bandmates came together in their teens and were signed to MCA well before their average age hit twenty.

Their debut was hit-filled, smooth, radio-friendly hard rock and the follow-up Hear! Stylistically, Human Era is more of the latter but fans will be pleased to know that it is a much more focussed effort than the somewhat scrappy New Audio Machine, their big comeback album from In Nelson released their debut album After The Rain.

For many rock fans though few would admit it the melodic lead guitar work, slick arrangements and trademark harmony lead vocals were completely irresistible. For a lot of others, Nelson symbolised everything that was wrong with the crowded hair metal scene. Pointy guitars, white teeth and dry ice-filled music videos had all had their day and the tide was to turn quickly against anyone even half as groomed as a band like Nelson.

Canadian band Harem Scarem released their major label debut way back inan innocuous yet superbly crafted melodic rock record which was quietly well-received. Both were exquisite releases for different reasons: Mood Swings was genre-defining; Voice of Reason was genre-busting.The above mentioned bands received a lot of airplay on AOR stations, mainly because of their well-established catchy hard rock formula for songwriting and music production.

aor melodic rock

Nevertheless, I really enjoy listening to the following albums and all of them, despite being somewhat forgotten and lost in time, will always be a part of my playlist. I hope I remind you of some or introduce you to an album or an artist you are not so familiar with! Their Americanized sound can be characterized as mixture between JourneyBoston and Bad Companybut with a little something extra. Nevertheless, they are worth discovering. The album consists of 12 AOR jewels, each better than the one before.

Giant were not an ordinary AOR band and this album can prove it. Nothing more to say, except get a copy and dive into this AOR treasure! The German hard rock band Fair Warning debuted in that magical year once again with a beautiful self-titled AOR album.

I listened to the album a couple of months ago for the first time and it was love at first listen. If you are a fan of the genre, this is the right album for you. The album is the ultimate catch for any melodic rock fan out there. However, the album is a true masterpiece and nothing can change that. The lead singer Steve Plunkett is absolutely killing it on this record! It took me a while to discover Fortune and their self-titled debut album, but at the end they found their way to my music library.

This ended up being their only release, unfortunately. American rock band Giuffria named after the keyboardist Gregg Giuffria debuted in with a self-titled album, peaking at 26 on the Billboard charts.

There are no surprises on the record because it once again follows the AOR formula that is designed to appeal to the mainstream audience.

Nevertheless, the album will forever remain a must-have by fans who are crazy about everything that is AOR! Every time I think about this album I get so mad, I just want to go back in time and do everything I can to give it all it deserved!

The album is filled with impressive AOR hooks, powerful riffs and outstanding vocal performances, guaranteeing a great mood. You can find tons of quality rock music on this album.While the AOR scene started to find the light in the late 70s, it was the dawn of the 80s that sprung a plethora of pathways for stadium acts. Melodic rock is often used as an umbrella term to describe melodically structured rock songs in various rock genres.

From AOR to Metal....

With technological breakthroughs, the sound of rock bands evolved in a new direction in the 80s. New studio recording techniques emerged in the 80s adding new dimension to sound. Album Oriented Rock which sprung forth from the progressive scene in the 70s became an excessively popular format in the 80s and 90s.

FM radio stations promoted album tracks of rock bands and solo artists in a big way. The sophisticated and polished rock sounds that emerged in the early 80s contributed significantly towards the popularity of AOR formats. Many rock bands in the 80s added aesthetic value to melody through musical interplay. The melodic aspect in rock songs in the 80s and 90s was resurrected to dizzy heights propelled by sublime guitar solos in songs. Acoustic guitar intros in songs became hugely popular with hair metal bands.

A number of rock bands incorporated melodic rock in their musical styles and helped shape new rock genres. Melodic rock is often associated with formats such as rock ballads, soft rock, slow rock, classic rock and power ballads. Aside from playing singles, radio stations also started promoting longer tracks from rock albums thereby contributing towards increased album sales of bands rather than just compilation album sales.

Melodic rock songs are associated with passion and nostalgia, and it all makes perfect sense when you get down to listening to your favourite tracks. Many rock bands in the 80s and 90s gained prominence because of airplay on radio stations. Also, music television stations, MTV in particular helped bands reach a new level, thanks to their various segments featuring classic rock and melodic rock. Aside from bands in the US and UK, a large number of bands from Europe emerged bringing a new sound in melodic rock.

The power metal genre drew heavily from melodic rock weaving an ethereal sound.

AOR - Melodic Rock Compilation III

While melodic rock has been prevalent since the emergence of rock, it was the 80s that generically brought about the true essence and meaning of the format. Melodic rock songs of the 70s, 80s and 90s have inspired a new breed of musicians. Melodic rock can only get bigger and find a larger audience in the years ahead.In this feature, Classic Rock celebrates the very best of AOR, from the golden age of the 70s and 80s.

Included are some of the biggest-selling records in the history of rock. We also dig deep, going beyond the hits and the household names to shine a light on the cult classics and lost heroes from this golden age. In AOR, as in life, there are winners and losers; for every fairy tale, a thousand hard-luck stories. Likewise, while many of the leading American bands live on — including Journey, Boston and Toto — the rebirth of AOR in the new millennium has come from Europe.

At its forefront are Scandinavian groups such as Eclipse and H. Alexa: Alexa. Such was the grip that Paul Sabu exerted over this unforgivably overlooked record that it was rumoured the whole thing was an elaborate ruse, and that Sabu had simply retuned his own voice and taken on a female persona.

aor melodic rock

Not so. Must hear: Wanderlust View Deal. Eric Martin: Eric Martin. Before he achieved fame as the singer with Mr. Bigbaby-faced Eric Martin was a cult hero with his own band and as a solo artist. Must hear: Pictures View Deal. The Storm: The Storm. Cher: Cher. Reinvented as a strutting, barely clothed siren, belting out I Found Someone and We All Sleep AloneCher embraced this splendid reawakening as only a true star can.

Must hear: Main Man View Deal. Ready Or Not - Lou Gramm. Must hear: Midnight Blue View Deal. Two years later she repeated the trick with another song from hit-maker songwriter Holly Knight, the heroic self-empowerment anthem Invincible. Must hear: Invincible View Deal. Rescue You - Joe Lynn Turner.Lion Heart We Play for Free Heart of the Warrior Carry Me Back Sleeping with …. Rush Hour No Way Out Across the Street Storm in Paradise Silhouettes Run Like Hell Tonight Like Kim Kardashian Hispaniola This Town ….

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aor melodic rock

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The 50 Greatest AOR Albums Of All Time

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