Punjabi bride makeup

Punjabi bride makeup

For every girl looking beautiful on her wedding day remains one of the most important aspects of her life. The day signifies the beginning of a new chapter, which she wants to make memorable by looking the best.

punjabi bride makeup

While looking extremely gorgeous on the wedding day can boost the confidence of the bride, gearing up with the best makeup, ornaments and clothes have special significance. In every culture, there is an element or two which makes the bride stand out. If you want to be that versatile Indian bride, stealing a few special elements from the very corner of the country can do wonders for your overall look.

Check out your options! Made up of silver or gold, Kalire is umbrella-shaped jewellery worn specifically by the Punjabi Brides in their hands. These Kalire are attached to the bangles or the traditional chooda that the bride wears on the wedding day.

While the Punjabis organise a separate ceremony to offer Kalire to the brides, you can simply add this beautiful piece to your wedding day look without going through all the rituals, if you are not a Punjabi.

While all the brides look extraordinary, the south Indian brides happen to steal the heart of all with their stunning gold jewellery and Mysore silk sarees. Starting from the extra detailed Maang Tikka to their Vanki or Baaju bandh, Hair jewellery and Kamarband, everything is to die for. The golden waistband is worn to hold the saree together in the most seamless way possible. As it elevates the overall look of a south Indian bride, you can also shine a little brighter by adding this piece to your D-day collection.

No matter how much you like modern dress-up, going traditional on the wedding day holds a special place in the heart of all the brides-to-be. For Bengali Brides, this traditional touch comes with the beautiful alpona or alpana design. It is made over the eyebrows of the bride, from the paste that is prepared by Chandan and rice. While many chooses to apply stone bindis, the Bengali Alpona design looks classic on the brides.

Worn by Pahadi girls on their wedding day, the Garhwali Nath is a piece of jewellery to decorate the nose and the complete face of the bride. All the Indian brides wear one or the other types of nose ornament, but the Garhwali Nath looks the most stunning pieces among all of them. The hoop-shaped item is a bit bigger in size and is decked up with several gems, pearls and beads.

The popularity of this particular piece is growing by the years, especially after Sabyasachi decided to add it in his bridal collection. As per the Indian tradition, the bride is supposed to adorn all the parts of her body on the day of her marriage. Starting from her head to the toe she must wear ornaments that embellish all her body parts.Punjabi weddings are known for their pomp and colorful wedding rituals. So all the Punjabi desi brides-to-be who are looking for some kind of inspiration for bridal makeup and hairdo, you have come to the right place.

Earlier we shared with you how to nail the Bengali bridal makeup and traditional Maharashtrian bridal makeup. These bridal makeup and hairdo tips will help you look your best with a touch of radiance and elegance! STEP 1: The first step to any skincare regime, is cleansing, toning and moisturizing.

Do the three-step process thoroughly so that your makeup becomes long lasting. Also, since it is a morning wedding, sunscreen application is a must. So you can opt for a moisturizer enriched with SPF.

Opt For These Essential Oils. STEP 2: Begin with the base makeup. Then choose a foundation that matches the skin tone and apply it evenly all over your face and neck. Use a brush to blend the foundation, so that you get an even tone. Make sure that you blend it well near the eyes, neck and the jawline.

STEP 3: Now that the base is set, move on to the eye makeup. Start by applying eye primer on the lids, so that your eye makeup lasts longer and does not crease out. Smoothen the area with some finishing powder. Shaping the eyebrows can totally change your look. So start filling the eyebrows with a brown shade instead of black to get that perfect natural look. STEP 4: Opt for soft copper and gold toned eye shadow for the bridal look.

Use a little bit of highlighter right under the arch of your brows. Then proceed with the smokey eye makeup using copper and gold palette eye shadow. Define your eyes with black eyeliner. Use the liner on both the upper and lower lash line. Add as dash of mascara to blend the false lashes with the real ones. To make your eyes pop, use some gold highlighter near the inner corners of your eyes. STEP 6: To add a pop of color to the cheeks, use a peach tone blush on the apples of your cheeks, followed by some highlighter on the cheekbones.

STEP 7: Move on to the lips now, define the lips using a lip liner. To get a smooth finish, apply the lipstick using a brush and spread it evenly all over the lips. Add a hint of lip gloss, if you want a glossy finish, or simply opt for a matte lipstick.

STEP 8: When you are deciding the hairdo, you need to keep two things in mind; the hair jewelry and the dupatta. You need to find a hairdo that incorporates them both.A typical Sikh bride will wear a red salwar kameez or lehngha to the official wedding rituals. While sarees are still worn, they are not as popular as traditional Punjabi attire.

Embellishments such as beading are common as well. A bride always covers her head and shoulders with a draped dupatta whlie in the presence of the Guru Granth Sahib, in the temple or gurudwara where she is to be wed. The dupatta is pinned discreetly with safety pins or worn freely, as long as the hair is covered for the main ceremony.

100 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Looks

This long necklace is heavy and ornamental, often made of gold. The elaborate design of the necklace is part of the extravagant attire worn by the bride to dress herself up as her best on this spiritual day. These bangles are often slim and simple, without extra jewels or designs to detract from their elegance. After the marriage rites are completed, the bride will also wear a seperate, simpler wedding ring - often a gold band.

A pendant tikka is the most common head accessory for a Sikh bride, with the styles varying from elaborate to simple, depending on the bride's preference. The tikka is tied over the hair and under the dupatta so that the pendant shows from beneath the cloth. A bride will also wear an ornate nose ring, gifted to the bride by her maternal uncle. The size and style of the nath may vary, but it is often embellished with pearls or other small jewels. The red and ivory bangles gifted to the bride during the pre-wedding rituals are worn on the wedding day and for a few months beyond - to symbolize her status as a new bride.

These bangles are typically ornate, with embedded jewels or carved designs, but the colors are constant for all Sikh brides. The kaleere are two gold or silver plated, dome-shaped ornaments that dangle from the bride's wrists, often attached to the choora. These can be further embellished with beading or string, but are generally made of lightweight materials so as to not overburden the bride's wrists. Pre-Wedding Rituals.

Wedding Traditions. Post-Wedding Traditions. Bridal Attire and Jewelry - You are here! Groom's Attire. Sign up for our newsletter!Most of us dream of a great lavish wedding and these dreams start from those beautiful wedding pictures and tales of our favorite actresses.

On the wedding day, all eyes are on the celeb at all times and though many try to keep their weddings private, hardly any have succeeded. While we all want to look and feel like a celebrity sometimes, we are not sure of what would look good on us. So here I have compiled a list of the best Bridal makeup looks from our very own desi celebs. Yes, we had to start with this one.

All of India had their eyes on the wedding of Aishwarya and Abhisekh. All paparazzi went to extreme levels to get insights into the wedding but there were very strict rules and no entrance for Cameras.

We found the best one and wanted to show you the beautiful look Aishwarya did for her wedding- Smokey eyes and minimal makeup. She wore lots of jewellery and head gear and did not want a lot of colours on her face. She went for subtle makeup with a red lipstick. This actress bridal makeup looks the best. The jewellery and the sharara made her look the ideal begum of pataudi. Her makeup was simple with a little bit of definition to the eyes and lips were kept simple.

Lara and Mahesh Bhupathi decided to go for a Christian wedding. She wore a beautiful white wedding dress and kept her hair in a beautiful updo and away from the face. The hair accessories she wore looked perfect for the occasion.

We loved her makeup with smokey eyes and nude lips. When Shilpa married Raj Kundra, she wore a beautiful red saree with lots of embroidery and stone work. We love her long braid at the back covered in white gajra. She wore a maroon lipstick and kept all of the look quite balanced to go with the heavy outfit.

We included two looks because this one was so good that we could not resist.

punjabi bride makeup

Kareena wore a Manish Malhotra Red lehenga which was very beautiful with detailed work on the whole choli as well as the pallu. Also for this look, she went for a black smokey eyes and nude lips. Esha went for a totally traditional look for her wedding.

100 Most Beautiful Indian Bridal Looks

Hey makeup was subtle and she wore a juicy red lip colour and very subtle eye makeup. We loved her simple glowing makeup. Karishma wore a beautiful pink lehenga with gold details and her whole makeup was subtle too. Her eyes were done keeping in mind the lehenga using pink and gold colours.

Her lips were done using a maroon lip colour. Overall very classic and simple look. Ayesha looks very beautiful in this white and gold lehenga. We love the makeup too. She looks dewy and glowing. The eyes are exaggerated using kohl and liners and subtle eye makeup. The cheeks have a hint of colour and the lips were kept pink.


Raveena wore a traditional lehenga in red colour and she matched her lips with her lehenga.The entire world is mesmerized by Indian brides. On their wedding day, Indian women turn into goddesses, decked in precious jewels, flowers, and beautiful clothes. However, it is not an easy task to envision your wedding look. A lot of research, thought, and love goes into planning your wedding wear. Worry not, bride-to-be! I have done all the research for you! If you are planning to get hitched soon or notdo take a look at this list of the most beautiful Indian bridal looks.

Image: InstagramInstagram. South Indian brides are known to wear gorgeous Kanjeevaram saris on their wedding day. They wear traditional gold jewellery and complement the look with flowers in their hair. Just look at the color combo on the first bride, sisters! Who would have thought that these colors would look so uber cool when put together?

Though the second bride has opted for the traditional white saree with gold work, she has spunked it up with a stylish blouse that is taking her style quotient up several notches.

No one can flaunt gold jewelery the way South Indian brides do — it complements their bridal makeup perfectly and makes them glow like goddesses! Image: Instagram — Instagram — anirbanbhaumik, Instagram. Oh, the bold and beautiful Bong bride! These Bengali brides are looking breathtakingly beautiful in their traditional benaroshiand mukut. We like! These brides can give even apsaras tough competition — they are so gorgeous.

The first bride has opted for a mukut made of gold, which is a refreshing change from the general mukut Bengali brides wear. The second bride gives off the Goddess Durga aura. I love the way she has made her bindi and sindoor the focus of her look. And those eyes! Those beautiful, kohl-rimmed eyes. For the modern Bengali brides out there, who are too busy running the world and have no time to play dress-up, these looks will steal your heart.

They are simple, yet traditional, and do not require you to put on oodles of jewelery. The second bride too has opted to go for a ghee- coloredsareewith a red border. Her dupatta is simple, yet the green border on it that has been placed strategically to match the green of her blouse has taken the freshness of this look to a new level. Oh, the glamor of these beautiful brides! The first bride totally rocks this hot pink, gold-embroidered lehenga.

Her eye makeup has been done exceptionally well, and her maang tika complements her attire perfectly. This second Punjabi bride has opted for the evergreen red and golden bridal look — with a hint of green in it. She has kept her makeup minimal to tone down her look. Her neckpiece is simply stunning.

Image: Instagram — beautifulindianbridesInstagram. Although only two colors are predominantly used in this ensemble, the overall effect is very regal. The second dulhan gives us major hair goals.

The messy bun tied low at the back of her head, with tiny wisps of curls escaping from it, makes the entire look dreamy and princessy. I simply adore the heavy embroidery on her blouse, and love the fact that she has kept the lehenga comparatively simple. Image: Instagram — dkreatephotographyInstagram.Known for its stunningly gorgeous women, Punjab has one of the richest and most colourful traditions for bridal makeup in India.

The look that is favoured by these dazzling beauties seems to lean in favour of heavy intricate costumes and delicate jewellery. Trends in Punjabi bridal makeup have not veered too far away from more traditional approaches, though of course there are exceptions. Here are a few steps to do your bridal makeup in the best way to suit the occasion. All that is needed is a good set of makeup products, so that you get stunning looks that will last through the duration of all the ceremonies.

A little preparation is needed before the application of the base coat of makeup. After making sure that the face is thoroughly cleansed, apply a little moisturizer. After the moisturizer has been absorbed, gently apply ice cubes to the face and rub the skin to close your pores. Deal with problem areas by applying corrector and evening the skin tone, this can be extended to the neck as well.

The next step is to apply foundation all over the face, take special care around the eyes, neck and jaw line; it is best to use dots for the application. Pat down with a wet makeup pad to blend it all in, giving a smooth base and brightness to the face. Finish off the base by sealing it with a Compaq, ensuring the use of a shade that matches the foundation while being careful of not overdoing on the powder.

Start with applying a loose powder over the eyelids and under the eyes. The bold feel of Punjabi bridal makeup is marked by glittery touches around the eyes; this is helped by the application of a light base over the lids and especially near the tear glands.

To add dimension, use a darker shade on the outside corner and use this to blend it with the rest. Retouching the inner and outer corner shades will further help the blending, lending a darker finish to the whole look.

For the brow, use a glitter matching the outfit you are wearing. Start with applying a similar base on the bone of the brow, and then blend well for a fine finish. After at least 2 coats of black mascara, with either a black or brown eyeliner on the lids, finish up with dark kohl or kajal under the eyes.

You can additionally dab on a bit of coloured kajal if you want to add a little more flair. It can be said that lips are the bridges of desire; so for that final touch, select a suitable shade of lipstick.

Then, use foundation on the lips and set it with powder. Using a lip liner, define the contours of the lips; but take care not to outline the outer side, instead of shaping, it will just make the lips look broad.

The next step would be to use the base colour that you have chosen and apply an even coat using a thin brush on the bottom lip.

punjabi bride makeup

To make your lips look lusciously plump, apply a darker coat on the upper lip. Wrap it up with a dash of gloss on the lower lip, and then blend it in with a brush. Use some subtle, lighter glass on the upper lip to complete the look.

To achieve that glittery feel in your Punjabi bridal makeup application, the cheeks will require well thought out highlighting, planned just so that the face does not become too dull. Ensure that you use a base shade or perhaps one with undertones of peach-pink. After applying the base tone on the jaw line, move along the inside with upward strokes all the way to the forehead.

The facial features will be enhanced, lending your face a longer look.Whether your wedding day look is bold, colorful and embellished or the delicate and sophisticated essence of Indian bridal couture, a great Indian wedding makeup artist will find ways to complement each outfit, highlight your best and brightest features, and make you feel like a true Maharani princess.

An integral part of the Indian wedding experience for the bride is donning the traditional bridal lehenga and then matching every detail accordingly from the eyeshadow to the lipstick, jewelry, mehndi, and more. From deep shimmering eyes to glowing cheeks to perfectly plum lips, Indian wedding makeup looks can vary from bride to bride so you definitely want to find a makeup artist who will embrace your vision and create a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind look for every outfit you wear.

Experienced stylists will also offer Indian wedding makeup tips to help you maintain a fresh look all night long no matter how long the party lasts.

punjabi bride makeup

And an enchanting hairstyle will bring your entire look together and make you photo-ready for every magical moment. With years of experience and a bursting passion for a perfect look.

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She has been donning mo Welcome to the world of Exotic Looks By Karen.

How to do Punjabi Bridal Makeup

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